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It all began with a ticket to the Grammy's in LA in 96 - and the dream took fire The dream and the journey of becoming a recording artist and songwriter began....


About Promises and Prayers:
Mix girls like Anette Ducharme and Jann Arden with Rebecka St James and Shawn Colvin and we're quite ahead of Jade Ell and it is actually really nice. Well produced nightpop for all you melodic musiclovers out there. I suggest you all to take a closer listen to this girl. Hope she can get a hit. Second out "Make Believe" is fantastic and beautiful. A BIG SURPRISE! Pär Winberg (www.melodic.net)

The debut from singer/songwriter Jade Ell, features her sweet contralto and personal, reflective songwriting. Heather Phares, All Music Guide

Got to let you go Got to let you go

The single Shallow world was released during 2002 - and had this effect on media


About Methods (of a hostage Negotiator): The duet "Ain't No Way Around It" from and single is truly a masterpiece, really like it a lot. Rick H. ATM/ATENZIA Melodic.net Luxury Experience


About Ellen:

Musical Discoveries
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About Xanima:
Jade's vocals are sensually delivered - listen for the Kate Bush allusions - clearly leaving the listener longing for more - Russell Elliot, NYC
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About Tiny Tornado:
The title song Echoes & Rhymes is a haunting arrangement complementing the lyrics, "There is a silent rage that hides inside every breath, which's never been put into words ....you don't have to take the abuse." This is a song and an arrangement that stays with you long after it has ended; by far my favorite on the release. Ed Nesta, NYC
“Live To Write Another Song” has strong allusions to Fleetwood Mac. We even heard a little bit (OK, it was a lot!) of Stevie Nicks style in Jade’s vocal delivery! We adored the keyboard arrangement. The allusion continues in “Talk Is Cheap,” where the vocal harmonies and crisp rhythmic arrangements contributed significantly to the Fleetwood Mac-like sound. It’s superb.

The lyrics are inspired, it is storytelling at its best, and Jade Ell's voice has never sounded better. Luxury Experience


SKAP Award 2013

The Battle Is An Art - EP out in 2015
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The battle